Take ControlOf Your Health Know your options and make an informed decision with the help of specialists from around the world. Fill ThoseInapparent Gaps Untangle stubborn health problems or seek second opinion from experts. Consultations starting from 25 USD. InteractExtensively Free followups for 15 days ensure that all your concerns are addressed appropriately. Free HealthInformation Store Store all your health records and reports on Doctle for secure access and sharing. Try ItRisk Free If our services are not upto your expectations, contact Support with in 15 days and we will arrange for a full refund.


Doctle is conceived, developed and operated by a group of enterprising doctors and technologists with a passion to explore new grounds in Health Care. Doctle partners and panelists are scattered across the globe and this service is made possible utilizing a distributed web based platform to manage the work flow. Doctle in its current form took shape after 8 years of learning and testing from a pilot service launched in 2003 to study the intricacies of health care delivery over the World Wide Web. Subsequently a set of standard practices and policies emerged and were incorporated in Doctle workflow.

Our primary motto is to help identify those killer diseases before its late. We also fine tuned our approach to provide a critical view and help resolve stubborn health problems that remain obscure even after consulting various specialists. In a normal Out-Patient setting the doctor needs to quickly think through the options and possibilities where as in our approach he is allowed enough time to understand the case, research, discuss with his fellows and then arrive at a conclusion. This edge proved to be indispensable in the above mentioned scenarios to arrive at the right conclusion/advice. More over web based consultation services excel at providing guidance where privacy and anonymity is a major concern.


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