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Agreement & Disclaimer

Information here after refers to information/advise accessible/made available through Doctle.com.

Service here after refers to the services offered on Doctle.com.

Doctle here after refers to the portal, services and people connected to this portal and the company operating it.

You accept that this Service should be solely used for informational purposes and is not meant to replace the role of a doctor. That it is provided to help you better understand your problem and to help you identify the right personnel to consult and better your condition.

You accept that this Service is not designed to be used in times of emergency and that trying to do so can waste valuable time which can actually be used to save you/subject. That such an attempt can prove fatal and Doctle denies any responsibility for such events.

You accept that the advice gained through this Service is far from perfect given the limitations of this approach and nothing can replace seeing a doctor personally. You should consider the advice solely at your own risk.

You accept that even though every attempt is made to not to mislead you or raise any false alarm, Doctle cannot completely rule out such a situation. That in no case can Doctle be held responsible for any physical/psychological trauma and/or expenditure incurred directly or indirectly by following the advice gained through Doctle. That the validity of such advice is limited by the fact that people with Doctle are relying upon information provided by you as to your circumstances including your symptoms and that they cannot see you or personally examine you.

You accept and are fully aware of the limitations of the Service before considering any opinion/advice made available through Doctle. That the Service is conceived to work in parallel to the services of health care professionals to help you and them throw more light over the situation.

You accept that there is no guarantee that the Information conveyed is latest or fault free. That Doctle makes no warranties or representations both expressed and implied regarding the quality, accuracy or fitness for purpose of any information/advise made available through it. That no liability is accepted for the accuracy of the Information or for any delays, interruptions, errors or omissions however occurring (including negligence) in collecting, recording, processing, storing or disseminating the information.

You accept that Doctle cannot be held responsible for any breach in confidentiality or dissemination of personal information, while every attempt is made to avoid such incidents. That Doctle cannot be held liable for any damages suffered from such episodes and indeed Doctle insists that you do not provide any information that can damage your concerns.

You accept that any Information gained through Doctle does not hold any legal validity.

You accept that you cannot reproduce or disclose any information/advise accessible/made available through Doctle over Internet or other means with out explicit permission from Doctle.

You accept that all consultation services available through Doctle are in English and that you will provide the required information in English and accept a response in the same.

You accept the above said terms and conditions as a precondition to access the Information/Services made available through Doctle.