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Disease, Perception, Healing ...


Power of MindIt is a well known fact that perceptions can change the progression of disease and sometimes even reverse the disease process. Proclaimed as Placebo effect by the medical fraternity, the effects of this phenomenon can be startling and even paradoxical.

Let me explain this with a recent report of a miraculously cured case of Diffuse Psoriasis by a Homeopathic doctor. The Homeopathic practitioner is a friend of mine and he told me that he treated this patient with 30C power of Petroleum and that she is completely cured. This case defies medical science and I was determined to find an explanation.

PlaceboAfter some research I found that 30C power of Petroleum means there will be 1 unit (mg/ml) of Petroleum (Drug/Solute) in every 10^60 units (mg/ml) of Substrate/Solvent. She was prescribed that medication for 30 days in which each day she would have to consume 15 pellets of the preparation. Even if petroleum did have a therapeutic effect on Psoriasis her daily dose may not even contain a single molecule of it. This defies our knowledge of Chemistry. The substrate itself is non-therapeutic and is used in all kinds of Homeopathic preparations. So even the substrate is not responsible for the therapeutic effect of the drug. Instead of delving into unproven and often mystical explanations for the therapeutic effects of Homeopathic remedies, I turned my attention to the feebly understood yet documented Placebo effect.

NK CellIt is my belief that her perception of her disease and that of the remedy has cured her of her illness. Is this possible? May be. Our body has many repair and compensation mechanisms for each and every system inside it. We have Natural Killer cells in our blood that continuously prune our body of ill functioning cells. They are our defense against Cancer and many other illnesses. But can NK cells control the progression of established Cancer? May be. Many cases have been reported where Cancer progression has been controlled by Homeopathic remedies. Is it the remedy whose nature we don’t yet understand or the perceptions that played a role in these cases?

Can what we believe about the progression of disease in us alter the course of the disease? Intrinsically according to the current state of our knowledge about chemicals and biological systems, Homeopathy relies on Placebo effect to cure diseases.

May be one day we will be able to harness the full power of perceptions to manage disease and even stop ageing.