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What Causes Dizziness?Dizziness or giddiness is such a common symptom, that every individual will suffer from this problem at-least once in his life time. He may feel as if the objects around him are moving or he is moving when the surroundings are stationary.

This problem can be due to simple wax in the ear or due to severe flu producing congestion in the tube connecting the nose and the ear ( Eustachian tube ). Sometimes this dizziness can be due to a serious problem like brain tumor (Acoustic Neurinoma / Cerebellar Tumor).

Many people, at least in India think that dizziness is a symptom of high blood pressure (BP). But high BP is always asymptomatic. In fact, low BP produces this symptom frequently. Low BP can be due to loss of body fluids as seen in diarrhea, vomitings, etc. Low BP can also be due to loss of blood. Low BP is also a common side-effect of Anti-Hypertensive drugs.

This is very common in elderly people when they get up in the morning or in the middle of the night. Usually they use pain killers for joint pains or back-ache. These pain killers are notorious for producing ulcers in the stomach and such ulcers can sometimes bleed profusely causing blood loss.

Another common cause of giddiness is the habit of using 2 or 3 pillows under the neck while sleeping. This habit will reduce the blood supply to the brain and they might feel giddy when they get up.

Most common cause of giddiness in young is anxiety or depression; with changing life-styles, excessive stress in work place and marital disharmony, anxiety or depression in very common in this age group.

Another major problem in the young and old is refractive error in the eyes. If there is gross difference in refractive error between the two eyes, then it can cause giddiness. Get your eyes checked, whenever you suffer from persistent giddiness.

Heart, when it starts beating irregularly, the volume of blood pumped by it will be reduced and it can cause giddiness.

There are hundreds of diseases which can result in giddiness and it is one of the most difficult symptom to analyze for any practicing doctor.