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Doctle Vs. Question-Answer ...



Various Question-Answer Services have cropped up over the web in the recent years and increased the reach and awareness about medical services online. Today many web users not only search for information but also utilize these services to gain more personalized advice. Nevertheless these services can only offer passing advice compared to specialized services like Doctle. Many of these services suffer from the problem that normal web users find it difficult to compile an appropriate request with all the relevant information when they seek advice. These services generally lack a strategy and framework to collect the required information and manage the workflow. Most of them still follow the email-consultation model or the forum-model to manage the workflow. Whereas Doctle and similar services have been designed from the ground-up to manage the current problem as well as future concerns for the user.


Question-Answer services have certain merits when the simplicity of the process involved is considered whereas Doctle and other similar services are designed to deliver more in-depth analysis and offer a more streamlined approach to handling current and future concerns. In fact the story of Doctle goes back to a simple email-consultation service started in 2003. Over the years, it has become clear that a framework is necessary to do justice to this line of work and an organized effort was kick-started to design one. It was a long and obscure path as there were no prior models and many years were spent searching for the right approach. After many not so optimal solutions the present framework took shape and is the product of many years of research and development.

Methodical collection of data and an aptly designed framework to manage the data and workflow for all the parties involved is the hallmark of Doctle. Furthermore this framework also provides the facility to manage health information efficiently and effectively to address any future concerns.

Doctors who are at the heart of health related services are extremely sought after and making the whole process intuitive and less-cumbersome for them is pivotal to maintaining the quality and consistency of the said sevice. Optimizing the workflow to harness the required insight is the key and Doctle excels at this with its custom designed framework.

Unlike other web based services, Doctle is not just technology but is also a set of processes, guidelines, principles and policies that govern the inner workings of this service. Every human is prone to bias and every scientific approach to solving a problem should address the issue of bias to achieve consistent sustainable results. Doctle goes to great lengths to ensure that the advice delivered as part of its service is less prone to individual bias. At every step at-least two doctors are involved and up-to five doctors could be involved in the process of a single consultation. Experience in this line of work has fine tuned our approach and policies to achieve optimal results.

Many services over the web claim to replace the role of personally seeing a doctor but Doctle’s policy strictly advocates that its best to see your doctor before consulting with Doctle or any other web based medical advisory service. Moreover Doctle’s approach is fine tuned to help you and your doctor resolve the issue in question.

Doctle and similar services have their roots in question-answer services but have come a long way forward in addressing the concerns and needs of their patrons.


While Question-Answer Services serve well for trivial issues, Doctle and the likes have an edge in handling the complexity of delivering medical advice and managing health information online.