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When to use Doctle?


While online medical advisory services have evolved over time, they learnt to confine themselves to specific scenarios where they can deliver at par or better services than the those offered by regular out-patient clinics. It has been proved in our pilot studies and helped many better their health and quality of life in general. Doctle is specifically designed to handle the following scenarios and consistently out performs user expectations if approached at the right time. 

  1. To seek second opinion regarding a Diagnosis or a proposed Therapy / Procedure.
  2. To resolve stubborn health problems that persist even after consulting various specialists.
  3. To seek specialist advice in total privacy.

Second Opinion:

One can seek an expert second opinion from Doctle regarding the diagnosis given for his problem and confidently pursue treatment for the same. It ensures that no stones are left unturned in uncovering the problem and helps understand the true picture from various perspectives. The benefits of this approach have been proved in many many situations and need no further substantiation. But seeking second opinion is very expensive and sometimes impossible in certain countries.

A second opinion is also valuable in understanding the consequences of a health problem as it adds another specialist’s perspective, wisdom and experience to the situation. More often than not many procedures / therapies usually carry with them the risk of complications and a second opinion is this case can weigh the pros and cons from a different specialist’s perspective and help decide the right course of action for the problem in question. As second opinion is all about reinterpreting the facts and findings, Doctle panel can do justice to the situation provided all the information is made available. An unbiased second opinion can save lot of time and suffering for the person and Doctle specializes in providing one.

Stubborn Health Problems:

It is not uncommon that many people continue to suffer even after consulting many specialists and taking the necessary medication. While not all problems can be treated, some still stand a chance. The key to finding solutions for these problems is giving them more time and approaching them as a team. Many doctors today are overwhelmed by process overhead and have less and less freedom to think and dedicate more time when situation calls for it. They are also under pressure to stick to the standard protocols and guidelines to decrease health care costs.

While these protocols and guidelines are designed to help the majority a minority always exists that benefits less from these standards. Doctle is specifically geared to handle these less privileged situations well. At Doctle the doctors involved in a particular case are never under pressure to stick to any protocol or a time frame. They also have the freedom and are encouraged to discuss the issue with their colleagues and find a solution for the problem in question. In-fact it is standard protocol inside Doctle to discuss and exchange opinion at every step. While such an arrangement could be difficult or even impossible to achieve in a normal out-patient clinic, the processes inside Doctle are tuned to make it possible. As a result every case that Doctle handles benefits from this approach and many cryptic problems get unearthed and are then dealt appropriately.

Privacy and Anonymity:

Online medical advisory services like Doctle also excel at providing in-depth advice where privacy is important. Users can opt to be anonymous and the fact that they are seeking medical advice over the web and not from someone they know or could bump into in future could mean all the difference for them and help them seek advice early before its late. While doctors always safeguard the privacy of their patients, it does not rule-out the social stigma associated with approaching them for some issues and generally leads to delayed diagnosis and extended suffering. Doctle can handle such situations well and help users understand their issues early enough and seek appropriate care and treatment.

Note: Doctle work-flow is designed to handle elective calls where the person/subject has time to consider all options and act accordingly. In its current form Doctle is not geared to handle emergencies and its strongly recommended to approach Doctle at a later time after the impending emergency is handled by your local health provider.